Community Outreach

Responsible Community Outreach is a key strategic pillar of UKZN and is underpinned by scholarship and practical interventions that benefit society.


It is a well-documented and accepted fact that access to university remains a challenge for the majority of South Africans.

However, this does not mean that resources, infrastructure,
skills and knowledge generated at these institutions cannot
benefit the same majority who will never get a chance to
taste university education.

This is why at UKZN we pride ourselves on the many community
upliftment projects that our staff and students undertake each

While the core aim of these programmes is to empower the
surrounding communities, especially the underprivileged ones,
they also help enhance our research and teaching and learning
capabilities as an institution of higher learning.

In that way these are more than just charity causes as they are
part of a mutually beneficial relationship between the university
and these communities.

Not only do these community engagement and outreach programmes help our students and staff to put their knowledge and skills to good use but they also serve as a vehicle for knowledge generation. As much as our communities learn from us, they also remain a repository of knowledge from which we can draw.

Furthermore these programmes play a pivotal role in ensuring that as a University we contribute towards building a responsible and servant citizenry.

As stated in Goal 3 of the University’s Strategic Plan (2017- 2021), UKZN intends to foster meaningful interactions with local, national, and international communities for mutual benefit. The University aims to contribute – through knowledge – to the prosperity and sustainability of the KwaZulu-Natal province and to nation building.

Our latest community Projects

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Archived Community Outreach publications

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