Community Outreach



The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s numerous community engagement programmes aim to address the challenges that confront communities.

Community engagement forms part of the University’s ongoing activities. Apart from teaching, learning, and research, UKZN has a responsibility to ensure that its existence benefits society by addressing societal challenges and needs. Community participation is essential in order to ensure that projects are sustainable.

Most UKZN projects impart knowledge and community members are skilled in different areas such as gardening, how to run a small business and how to put together a business plan. While students may not be graded for their community work, it adds value and purpose to their lives while teaching them to be responsible citizens.

The University encourages more staff and students to join these initiatives and launch further projects. We also invite communities and businesses to join hands with us in this important endeavour.

Nomah Zondo

Executive Director: Corporate Relations


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